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James Cooper is Founder and Director of London-based Rocket Science Music. For more than 20 years he’s specialised in creative music licensing, or ‘synchronisation’. Here he shares his thoughts on the power music has to create memorable moments in advertising.

Music can provide shortcuts to memories, linking emotional connections in the viewer that have the ability to supercharge standout creative. The right choice of music can be a huge win for any brand.

So why is this important piece of the puzzle still overlooked or only thought about at the last minute? As director George Lucas famously said, “sound and music are 50 per cent of the entertainment in a movie”. Surely advertising is no different?

With that thought in mind, let’s take a look at some recent commercials and popular trends in UK advertising where brilliant music selections lie at the heart of the creative.

1. Covers, re-records and alternative versions 

2. Telling stories with music

3. Tales of the unexpected: Christmas but not Christmas songs

Further reading: James recently examined five examples of standout campaigns using great music (including Ikea) for LBB Online. Read his thoughts here.

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