A new CVP and an epic new website

DB Results – a large Australia-based business consultant – wanted to transform its positioning, digital brand approach and website to be competitive with the world’s largest consulting brands. It approached Six Black Pens to reposition the business, revolutionise a 130-page website and develop new visual and tone of voice guidelines.

Scope of work

  • Proposition development
  • Digital brand development
  • Website strategy
  • Digital and social strategy and creative
  • Digital creative platform and execution
  • Dynamic digital templates

CVP and messaging development

We conducted extensive stakeholder interviews to develop a new CVP for the company that reflected its consulting expertise and its strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practice and philanthropy.

DB Results is a complex business, so our messaging framework needed to accurately capture all the technical detail of its products and services, while also communicating inspirational messaging around leadership and sustainability.

IA and UX development

We held a series of workshops to map out user profiles, business objectives, content priorities and hierarchies, core functionality – including lead capture – and the required analytics features.


Accessibility, layout and cognitive ease influenced heavily the information architecture, content mapping and development of high-fidelity wireframes that followed.

Making it beautiful

Our specialist digital designers completely revolutionised the digital brand, with fresh designs that reflected the company’s rejuvenated positioning – its focus on business expertise and sustainable impact.
We developed a complete digital design system across all channels to ensure a premium user experience.

Guidelines for the future

Six Black Pens also delivered a range of new guidelines for digital environment, photography and illustration, and tone of voice.

What we achieved

We wrote, designed, built and tested the CVP, messaging framework, website and guidelines in just five months.

Six Black Pens worked effectively as an extension of our team and exceeded our expectations throughout the development process. Their brilliant creativity and dedication to quality resulted in a compelling online presence that encapsulates our brand vision.”

David Chataway, Head of Marketing, DB Results