Simple, scary, successful

In July 2021, amid nationwide lockdowns, the federal and state governments set a goal: once Australians hit 80% double vaccination rates, restrictions would lift. As one of Australia’s biggest banks, NAB knew it could make a difference. Bringing together an agency team that included Six Black Pens, TBWA and Mindshare, NAB took a brave decision to actively motivate Australians to get vaccinated.

Scope of work

  • Big idea
  • Logo and signage
  • Campaign manifesto
  • Campaign landing page
  • Personal Bank eDM
  • Business Bank eDM
  • Social media messaging
  • Internal banker comms
  • Website assets

From NAB to JAB

Six Black Pens captured NAB’s intent to drive vaccination rates with a bold, simple and memorable idea – changing the bank’s name and logo from ‘nab’ to ‘jab’. The task was more than symbolic. It involved creating a mammoth number of ‘jab’ assets across a wide breadth of physical and digital touchpoints.

A kick-off with scale

The campaign started with a bang – debuting with signage at the iconic AFL Finals series. This was followed by emails, an informative and emotive landing page and social posts.

We then pulled off the seemingly impossible, adapting a vast range of brand components to drive home the campaign message: every jab brings us closer. This meant changes to logos, mastheads and digital assets, as well as a dynamic animated vaccination rate counter to track the country’s progress.

15 million+ people reached

20pp uplift in trust

38+ campaign NPS score

64.2 reputation score
– highest since 2018

Tapping into what matters

To support a high-scale visual rebrand, our team created a moving manifesto with impact. One that reminded Aussies that, with every jab, we were one step closer to the things we all loved and missed – family, friends, communities, life.

Driving hope

In conjunction with Six Black Pens and  agency partners TBWA and Mindshare, NAB continued to build momentum towards 80% vaccination with a social media and OOH campaign.

The work showcased the increasing vaccination rate (based on the national percentage), combined with hopeful imagery about what we could all get back to once we hit 80%.

Writing the right thing

We knew taking such an active pro-vaccination stance would be polarising – for customers, non-customers and NAB staff. But we went in well prepared, creating social scripts to manage and respond to online backlash, as well as an informative banker flyer to support customers in tough times.

The power of partnerships

This hugely successful campaign was the result of a genuinely shared vision between Six Black Pens, agency partners and the minds at NAB. With less than two weeks to get approvals, execute the idea and roll out across hundreds of assets, we pulled together in extraordinary circumstances to make it possible for NAB to do more, by being more than money.

The result? A Mumbrella award-winning campaign bursting with hope and optimism and backed by a multi-faceted big push to get us to 80% – and beyond.

Mumbrella Awards 2022: Award for Bravery