nabtrade switch campaign

When nabtrade heard one of its competitors would be selling its online trading platform, the team decided to run an aggressive switch campaign to promote the nabtrade platform to potential new customers. We were engaged to work on the communications and creative strategy, design, content and production.

The objective

Promote nabtrade’s painless integration of banking and trading as a winning option compared to the painful process of working with other platform providers.

Scope of work

  • Strategy

  • Programmatic retargeting

  • Content

  • Pre-roll

  • Digital display

  • eDM design and development

How we did it

Playing on the theme of a painful vs painless customer experience, we applied ‘visual chintz’ to create Hallmark-style ‘Get well soon’ cards to deliver a benefit-driven message with humour and serious cut-through. We played on the language of over-the-top empathy to explain why nabtrade was a better option.

Results in numbers

nabtrade’s online trading digital campaign smashes targets.


above target for customer acquisitions


average daily traffic to nabtrade site


weekly new account acquisitions

Six Black Pens were able to get inside the mindset of our audience, and the pain traders associate with changing brokers. With a relatively small budget, this helped us create cut-through and drove twice the number of accounts forecast.

Arianne MillerDirector – nabtrade